Hey, what’s up guys? So the post for today is called ManuManzo, here it goes, enjoy:

   Manuela Manzo, of only 19 years old, has now become an amazing singer and songwriter. Born in Venezuela and raised in Miami, Manu is a girl to admire, specially because of being one of the few people in the world that follows their dreams. She currently goes to Berklee College of music in Boston. As a super talented artist, her sound is very Jazz and 90′s Hip hop influenced mixed with todays pop. A mix of old school + new school. Manu is currently working on her first EP which will be released very soon this year, so if you guys want to know whats going on, you can check out her music on  and if you like what you hear you can like her on facebook for updates and more: .

Guys, i couldn’t be more thankful for having the opportunity to bring here this amazing artist, and as part of my philosophy, we should always support those who are searching for their dreams, so lets show Manu big love and follow her up, listen to her talented pieces of art, which is her music, and nothing, just all our support for her career as a singer and songwriter! Listen to her great music, here is a great video of Manu performing a cover for the song “I heard love is blind”
To get in touch with manu and her music:
TWITTER: manumanzo
INSTAGRAM: @manumanzo
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